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Every children must expecting the happines childhood .Waiting for the sunrise early in the morning shines. Waiting for the bright sunshine of the day. Waiting for the rainbow after the rain fell in the afternoon. Stay on and wait for the beaty sunset on the west horizon. That was a childhood. Because a childhood was a time of the beautiful and happy memoories to recollect and remember. Childhood is always wonderful to be felt both at home especially during the more so when all at school.

School is a splinter of a bit of the story that will shape the future of themselves and give a very unforgetable life experiences for each child for the future. School should not be the only place to look for scoring and appreciation. School is not just a place to collect the best mathematics score and the science too. Schools are not merely matters only count the numbers and listen to the teacher’s preach. School is not the factory that will produce a product that based on the demand of factory owners and consumers. School should be a place for every child who belonging to the joy of childhood and not the pressure. School should be a place for all children to listen to a beautiful dream of the future but itsn’t a place to find the future’s of horror stories. Far more powerful than all the problems that everyone must begin now should be aware that the school is not as narrow view of the meaning of the schools most people point of view for today. There are some other hopes for school as a nice place for all children. They are:

Schools, a place to interact and share empathy:

That afternoon Radya always make a surprise for her friends. Rady always create a sensation. Radya is a new student at the school because at his school before Radya can no longer be accepted as something or another that can not be taken for granted by parents. Radya has a little anger management control remains to be sharpened. A week, a month, two months then three months over , there was anything that changed today. Radya had been more calm and not out of control at this time. The magic of shared emphaty becomes solved those problems. All friends try to be open-hearted and wellcome on every single side of Radya's characters without Rejecting or negleckcing him.
There is also Rifo that has a special character which never be accepted if we use the general point of view. Rifo is so active and explore all side of the classroom. He never wanto to join all subjects and lessons by teachers. But friends has a special meaning to Rifo. It brings an amazing effect to Rifo this till 5th grade. Then we found the miracle of the empathy who changes Rifo to reform and transform his self. Schools and teachers also have a tremendous role in giving an understanding to the children that everyone is different, everyone has different characters and different social background. Teachers and schools can be a mediator that every person is created in the same circumstances and the other one so we have to accept all the difference as a gift. Thats the miracle of empathy and togetherness.

Schools where positive expression can be expressed:

In every assessment processes of a child must under the standard of children's too. A child will never satisfying if we measured with the adults that over idealistic. Good schools should be able to give every child a chance to express themselves during certain limitations. Children expression should be accepted regardless of its form. There is no reference and rigid standards for children should express the same pattern in express their self. Because every child has the power inside that should be respect. Then the school should be able to receive and guide the children to be able to express it better.

School, where children with multiple Intelligence gathered:

Faraway accross the distances of thousands of kilometers separating Belitong and where we are now in Surabaya. Belitong a silent witness to the story of how it travels through the famed the “Rainbow Troops” historical novel by Andrea Hirata. Although the jokes and humor added to the fresh in style of Andrea Hirata, it is enough for us to get a valuable lesson that Muhammadiyah schools decrepit as goat stable is a gathering place for the village children with the multiple Intelligence. There is great poetry, there is a great mathemmatics ability, there are great great art and singing senses and so many more to be adopted as a lesson. Indeed some of the intelligence gathering of students at each child's self must be supported by each school. Even if it seems to over reacted when a new student entered a school to be determined by only one intelligence is not necessarily representative of what is owned by each child. Because every parents or teacher or everyone should convince yourself that every child has a true potential in each student's self.

Schools, where the student will listen to the dreams of the future:

What's the meaning of a dream for the adult or even the old man. Useless. It means nothing. But have you ever distant future flashbacks of your little success now received his middle course, you still playing by your childhood dream. Dream on none other than the intended expectations, hopes ideals, desire who pierced the earth and towering clouds as high as the strato comulus.
Just a dream and hopes should we give to our students as the next generation. Our students will live next at the time when we are not in their side.
Dreams of a beautiful future we have to bear in their hearts to keep motivated to learn and face all process of education. Sure or not sure, the dreams and hopes of the one who makes the strong stronger Sukarno was like coral. Dream, making and awakening Andrea Hirata flew away into the middle of nowhere. And teachers can be a dream transfer course by highlighting and giving emphasizing that the dream must be accompanied by prayer, or even needs hard efforts of sweat, blood and tears. The dreams who drove habibie into a respected and the successness.
Schools, Wherethe teacher is inspiring:

From the success stories / true story of Rainbow Troops (Laskar pelangi) was so famous all over the country. Unforgettable insirational teacher called as Bu. Muslimah.Her spirit brings twelve troops over the exspectation of every people. Muslimah inspire all her student to brave and motivated to face the reality and against all the barriers in life. This is called as a Muslimah effect by some of the education expert early in when the story was published.
Actually, many other Muslimah who does not have time exposed in this country.
Hopefully the school where we teach, the school where our children are learning or school under the management control of some stick holders and leaders will be a convinience for every children. Being a school that provides equal opportunities to all students. Schools which make us and our children that can give more empathy for others. May Allah give strength and generosity to all.


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